[Samba] PDC windows user rights/privileges

Brad Larson bkl3434 at ksu.edu
Sun Sep 7 03:45:31 GMT 2003

Hey guys, I've done some searching for this but haven't come up with much.  
Sorry if this is another RTFM...

How can I make my users power users?  Is there a way to do this from the 

In my login script, I set the time on the local machine.  But this will only 
work if the user is a power user or above.  I can put the users in the power 
user group on the individual computer by going to users/groups and advanced 
settings in windows 2000, but I would have to do that for every machine... not 
very good when there are a lot of machines.
The PDC guide for 2.2 mentions the 'User Manager for Domains' and 'Server 
Manager' in section 9.6, but neither of those seem to run - lots of errors 
when changing things, so I'm guessing that samba doesn't have support for 
these programs.

I can change these settings individually if I have to, but it would be much 
nicer to change them all at once.  Any ideas?

-Brad Larson

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