[Samba] winbind problem with mixed case Windows accounts

Carrie Coy ccoy at ssww.com
Sat Sep 6 03:22:07 GMT 2003

When we deployed winbind, we converted our mixed case NT accounts to lower case.  At that time, smb.conf setting was "password server = PDC" and everything worked great.

Subsequently we changed the setting to "password server = *".  and discovered that the BDC remembers, somewhere, the old version of these PDC accounts.  "User Domains" on the BDC shows the correct lower-case version -- but when winbind contacts the BDC, it's getting a different answer.

The user is able to sign on with a lower-case login, eg, "username", but their authenticated login is "USERNAME" instead of "username".   The upshifted id causes rlogin, among other things, to fail.

Having no Windows expertise, I do not know how to troubleshoot what seems to be a replication issue.  I presume deleting and recreating the Windows accounts will resolve the problem -- but I'm curious if anyone seen anything like this before? 
Carrie Coy
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