[Samba] samba3 - On-the-Fly Machine Accounts - domain admin group?

Rauno Tuul rauno.tuul at haigekassa.ee
Fri Sep 5 20:21:57 GMT 2003


Could someone explain, why was parameter "domain admin group" removed from
passdb/pdb_ldap got totally rewritten... but why remove an useful

# Removed Parameters (order alphabetically):
#  * domain admin group
In 2.2.8 (with LDAP backend) I defined 
	domain admin group = @"Domain Admins"
and added several users to that group for creating machine accounts. I
worked and well. Users in that group didn't have root permissions, but were
able to add new accounts.

But what I do in samba3?

# add machine script - will be run by smbd(8) 
# when a machine is added to it's domain using 
# the administrator username and password method".

I made an custom script, based on idealx useradd script and added some lines
for working with LAM (http://lam.sf.net).
Problem is, how can this script be used by others, who need to add machine
Am I correct, that samba assumes "administrator username = root" ????

# admin users - list of users who will be granted administrative 
# privileges on the share. This means that they will do all 
# file operations as the super-user (root)".

Defining several people to be "admin users", isn't also the right solution,
cause they get too high privileges. On shares and file access. I used it and
managed to add new machine account...  For samba I was "logged in as admin
user (root privileges)".

# The name of the account that is used to create domain member
# machine accounts can be anything the network administrator 
# may choose. If it is other than root then this is easily 
# mapped to root using the file pointed to be the smb.conf 
# parameter username map = /etc/samba/smbusers."

Doesn't that make exatly the same as listing users as admin users? Basically
will samba recognize that "anything" as "admin user (root privileges)" or

Any recommendations? solutions?


Rauno Tuul

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