[Samba] 2.2.8a+Debian woody PDC share permission / print$ wizard does not work as it will

Massimo Crisantemo digiland_oohay at yahoo.it
Fri Sep 5 10:03:31 GMT 2003

Hy every body,
I try to read all news in this channel before posting but none answer to my
Let show...
Debian/Woody + samba 2.2.8a acting as PDC, some WinNT clients, roaming
profiles disabled.
The users are all with primary group 106, and are members of other group.
They can log on correctly, quite everythink work fine but...

I defined some share with the option valid users = user1, user2 ecc.
accordigly with this user1 and user2 con access the share, but when all the
other users 'click' on that share a logon window open requiring username and
password  (i like to obtain an 'acces denied' response istead as WinNT4.0
Server). Is it possible to do?

I setted up cups as printer manager and i defined some printers as 'raw' to
be visible to the clients, i've also defined a [print$] share to contain the
windows drivers, when i log on as a print-admin and i start a wizard to
upload the drivers for the printers some time it works others no, currently
only if the printer is a laser printer it does work if are ink-jet it
doens't. Actually i been able to  install the drivers only for HP1100 and
HP4050 printers, i need to install them also for some HP500 DesignJet A0
plotters and HP1700D printers and other Ricoh multi pourposes 'metal-plastic
I do tried to install the drivers with the wizard or manually with the
rpcclient command from the linux-box (actually trought putty) but ; if i
istall the drivers with the wizard it work quite fine till the end, i try to
print the test page and it return a windows that more or less says 'the
system call is too small, would you like to consult the help?' or just
'print test failed' , if i try to install
manually with the rpcclient command 'install drivers' it return the eeror
that the sequence is invalid.

In any case the rpcclient 'enumdrivers' show that all seems ok and the
drivers are assigned to the right printer, the drivers are in the right
sub-folder of print$ (w32x86/2 for 'Windows NT x86 architecture'), but i a
client try to print using that printer let's say with Winword it simply

please ask me more details if you need to understand the question's

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance (TIA)
Massimo Crisantemo

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