[Samba] config to use idmap (LDAP)

Mimic Mimicmike mimicmike at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 5 09:10:03 GMT 2003

I config admin dn: like that,It work,and I can use ldap with samba for store 
account for
users computers groups but id map is still locate on 

my ldap is on
passdb backend = ldapsam, guest

and log file of winbind is

[2003/09/03 09:27:37, 0] lib/module.c:smb_load_module(40)
  Error loading module '/usr/lib/samba/idmap/ldapsam.so': 
/usr/lib/samba/idmap/ldapsam.so: cannot open shared object file: No such 
file or directory
[2003/09/03 09:27:37, 0] sam/idmap.c:idmap_init(136)
  idmap_init: could not load remote backend 'ldapsam'

thank you

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