[Samba] Samba Failover

Raj Saxena rajan at ipisland.com
Thu Sep 4 18:15:21 GMT 2003

     I haven't run samba with ads but as far as failover i have a redhat 8
server with samba 2.27 running as a PDC on it dell hardware raid, scsi etc
and a another dell box low end server (redhat 8 samba 2.27)  with ide drives
and 2 80 gig drives, I do a rsync 2 times a day, I have two domains if one
box the first box fails all i have to do is change the domain name and host
name i will be able to authenticate all the users without a problem.

It is the closest thing to keeping a hot standby

Hope this helps a bit.


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This problem has just been dumped into my lap over the last two or three
days. I'm hopelessly in over my head here, and I'm hoping I can get some
direction here. I've been searching google for some time, and not come
up with my answers. Warning, much of what you are about to hear is
ludicrously stupid on a technical level.

I work for a small computer consulting firm. One of our clients is
running a Windows 2000 file and print server with ADS. We intend to
format this machine and reload Windows 2000, but without ADS. This
server houses files for a proprietary program that is unsupported if the
file server used is Samba.

This client has about 20 computers at their offices, no more than a
dozen of which ever use the server at the same time. The one machine is
far more than enough to handle the load, but they decided they need
failover (even though they've never had this server crash). They have
purchased two Dell servers with SCSI hard drives and Intel Xeon 2,4 Ghz
processors (yes, to do file and print sharing for 20 users; I told you
it was ludicrous). My PHB has signed a contract with them to install
Linux OSs on these boxes, and run Samba on them. Since their proprietary
application isn't supported for Samba, they aren't going to move it over
to either of these machines. These machines are only to do
authentication in the unlikely event that the PDC (the Windows 2000
machines) should fail.

I've done a lot of google searching and haven't come up with many leads.
Is there a HOW-TO fr setting up Samba in a failover environment,
specifically in making it play nice with a Windows PDC? The goal here is
to have zero downtime, but I don't think the client understands that if
those files for his application aren't present on the Samba servers,
authenticating with them won't help him at all.

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