[Samba] Re: confused about domainname

Uli Iske iske at elkb.de
Thu Sep 4 10:31:58 GMT 2003

> i'm a little bit confused about the domain names,
> in my smb.conf workgroup name is set to 'workgroup=samba'.
> the name of the domaincontroller is 'netbios name=dc01'.
> if i do a net rpc join the machine always joins the domain dc01
> doesn't matter if i use the -w switch.
> (do i have to join a domaincontroller to his own domain ?)
> same with net setlocalsid, it's always set for dc01.
> there is a account dc01 objectclass sambaDomain in ldap, it's
> automatically created. please help, my domain name is samba, not dc01.

o.k., what i found out by myself so far is the following:
if we set domain logons = no in smb.conf the dc01 sambaDomain object
suddenly appears in ldap and samba isn't a domaincontroller any more.

changed domain logons back to yes, joined the domain again, works
fine again now.


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