[Samba] Howto install multiple printers using the same driver for Samba on Linux?

Guenther Frick gfrick at gmx.net
Thu Sep 4 09:51:22 GMT 2003

If you use CUPS for printing each printer has an individal name
(printer queue). So every user can take the right printer.
You can find the printer PPD with names of their printer queue
in the directory /etc/cups/ppd.
With the program cupsaddsmb these PPDs are copied to $print folder
and are publicly available. If you use also the CUPS Postscript
driver the driver together with the PPDs can be downloaded to
every Windows client using the printer installation wizard.
So every user can install his own printer.
Read the CUPS-Chapter in SAMBA-HowTo-Collection (in the SAMBA3-archive)
for details

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