[Samba] Howto install multiple printers using the same driver for Samba on Linux?

Bertil Starck best08 at handelsbanken.se
Thu Sep 4 08:51:22 GMT 2003

Hi, I would like to install multiple printers (about a hundred) to my Linux site.
I have created a smb.conf-file with all the printers  (and also a printers.conf as I use CUPS for printing).
 The printers are e.g. HP LJ 4050 and I do not want to install every one the manual way (I use NT for that).
 When I manually installs a printer e.g. HP LJ 4050 with driver within lj345.exe from microsoft, the suitable files will be installed in the print$ path set in the smb.conf, (I use,
/var/lib/samba/printers/) W32X86/2 or 3-file.
>From here I would like an automatic install of the next printer with the same model using the already installed driver, but I get this message "....The driver for the specified printer is not
installed......." .
 Any hints to install all the printers with suitable drivers in one go?

Best Regards Bertil Starck

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