[Samba] So SLOW WindowsXPs on a Samba PDC

Lorne lornes at cox.net
Thu Sep 4 05:05:28 GMT 2003

Dear list,

I currently have a small intranet. A 100bt hub, a Mandrake 9.1 box with 
an out of the box smb.conf file. I have 2 XP workstations and a ME 
workstation. Nothing fancy. The problem is that file tranfers from an XP 
workstation to a samba share is extremely slow. About .2 mb a second. If 
I transfer files from my linux box to the XP workstation, the transfer 
jumps to around 4-5mb a second. A HUGE difference and while on the 
mandrake list it is apparent I'm not the only one.

I've done as much digging as I can. I have done packet traces and would 
be happy to send those to anyone clever enough to figure it out if they 
would care to. Initially the slow transfer had about 25% more frames for 
the same file. I found window size set too small. I bumped that up and 
now the frame count is the same, but it is still slow. Nothing is 
jumping out at me. Other than some minor attempts to find file structure 
that doesn't exist.

Any ideas? I'd sure love to hear if anyone has a clue. I've looked at 
tweaking XP and smb.conf to no avail.


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