[Samba] Switched Password Hashes, Possible Bug?

Joshua Bernstein bjosh at engr.arizona.edu
Thu Sep 4 00:31:39 GMT 2003

Hey Guys,

	So I've installed Samba 3.0 using ldap_compat mode to use my old Samba 
2.2.x entries in LDAP. However there seems to be some problems with the 
hashes. If I try to authenticate against the 3.0 server, I get an "bad 
password" error. No problem. Using the smbpasswd 3.0 binary I change 
the users password. Then it all works. After a bit of experimentation, 
it seems that the hashes are just simply switched. In other words, the 
ntPassword field and lmPassword files are switched. Is this a bug? 
Whats up?

-Joshua Bernstein
Systems Analyst
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona, USA

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