[Samba] Backing up NT4 shares - migration from NT4 to Samba

Leonardo Boselli leo at dicea.unifi.it
Wed Sep 3 16:29:58 GMT 2003

Il 3 Sep 2003 alle 17:46, Ganael LAPLANCHE immise in rete:
> I'm now trying to back-up the shares (homes, profiles, netlogon), in order
> to fully migrate the accounts. Unfortunately, I'm facing a stupid problem :
> each home directory (or profile directory) can only be read from its
> creator, NOT from the Administrator of the machine. So, I can't use
> smbclient (then the tar command) or smbtar, because I always get an "access
> denied" error. How can I easily create an archive of each share ? I don't
> want to reset each right on each folder/file and to give me permissions !!!
> I thought the Admin could do everything... isn't it right on NT ? How do
> you, admins, make backups of data you can't read ????

If the owner of the fil;e choose to deny access to every other people, 
this include the domain administrator.
To get the data you should log as administrator, then GET the 
ownership of the files/directories. then you cannot still read, but you can 
at this time chanmge permission, and then backup.
Here i recommend all user NOT to deny access to domain 
administratopr, otherwise their data will not be backed up in the event of 
a disk failure !
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