[Samba] Weird samba problems .....

Peter Eckhardt peter at dadi-linux.de
Wed Sep 3 16:01:38 GMT 2003


some days ago i sent a mail regarding a small samba installation
with periodically dying nmbds. Since the customer didn't call
again regarding these problems I had the opinion that everything is
fine ....

Today the customer called and mentioned that there are additional
problems. He had fixed the nmbd problem everyday by rebooting .... :-)

Now the smbds also start to die. Again no pattern. No way to

But there were strange entries in the logs

linux smbd[8311]: smbd/oplock.c process_local_message(418)
linux smbd[8311]: process localmessage: unknown UDP message command code 
(e393) ignoring

with different command codes i.e. 1e73, 2b94 and others.

After some of these messages have arrived the smbd processes start to
panic with internal errors. one after the other.

I could locate the machine which is sending the UDP messages. And we 
will check what happens when that machine is down tomorrow.

But anyway, does anyone has a clue what these unknown UDP message codes
may be?

Thanks a lot


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