[Samba] So SLOW WindowsXPs on a Samba PDC

administrator administrator at integrated-group.com
Wed Sep 3 12:14:16 GMT 2003

Hello ,

 I know its very tedious solving problems MS has on a Linux based Software

A Windows XP machine without SP1 , Worked Fine until one day , 
everything is so SLOW , every mouse click reponds after 3-4 minutes , 
this account logs to a samba PDC , If its a PDC or samba problem then 
why is it so slow on stuff done locally on the computer , i scanned the 
PC with an Updated norton , and defragged it , checked HDD for errors , 
the thing is there is another XP starting to behave the same , How can i 
be sure its not a Samba problem .

has any one had something lile this before ?

[root at apogee root]# rpm -qa | grep samba
[root at apogee root]#

which samba Log shall i paste to ya guys to help .

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