[Samba] Win2K domain and admin rights

Tom Kovalcik kovalcik at orion-design.com
Wed Sep 3 12:05:14 GMT 2003


I have Samba (2.2.8 I think, Redhat 9) running as a PDC with Win2K clients. 
I am using smbpasswd for authentication (no NIS or LDAP). Everything seems 
to work great. Users can login, profiles are roaming etc. My problem comes 
when I try to push Norton anti virus clients onto the domain computers from 
the server. I log into the local machine that is the antivirus server as 
administrator. When I choose the machine I want to install to, it prompts 
me for user/passwd. If I type in administrator/<admin passwd> I get user 
unknown or incorrect passwd.  Administrator is the only user on the local 
machines and all the passwords are identical. Administrator does not exist 
on the Samba box, which is probably why I get the user unknown error. How 
do I authenticate a user that has permission to install Norton? Do I need 
to create a smb user with different group membership? Is there some other 
setting win Win2K I am missing?

Thanks for the help.

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