[Samba] xp clients

ashley at ideal.net.au ashley at ideal.net.au
Wed Sep 3 09:04:07 GMT 2003


I've been searching through the docs and I'm not quite sure the best way 
to attack a problem.

For a long time win 98 clients have been using a samba pdc server 

Some Win XP computers have been delivered. Using the docs I've been able 
to join the network with little effort.

My problem is this. If I log onto a computer as administrator and 
configure Internet Explorer with a pac file setting it is avalable to 
the administrator user for that computer, it is stored in the local 
profile. No other user. I need that setting commmon to all users.

I've switched off roaming profiles, as suggested in the docs. Now from 
what I understand I could set a mandatory profile, set a domain policy 
or edit some register to achieve this common Internet Explorer pac file 
setting for all users.

What is the simplest way to do this? And if possible a url or other 
reference to complete the task would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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