[Samba] acl

Collen collen at hermanjordan.nl
Wed Sep 3 08:37:50 GMT 2003

G'day just haveing some probs regarding the acl.

I have installed the acl from bestbite at my linux box.
in a bash shell it works fine, so no worry it's corrected installed here...
i can alter the acl's with setfacl & getfacl ...

but after compiling --with-acl-support it doesn;'t pop up in a wind*s box.
at the security tab of file prem. it still shows 1usr/1grp/world
I already added groups and users to the acl, but the latest version doesn't 
shows it.
even adding a user or group gives an error back ..?

What's up with the acl support? gues i do something wrong here.!
(i was hard to find anny resources about in on the net)

It's acting as a PDC file server.
i defined the domain groups, and the rest look's to work fine (little slow 
here and there..)
do i need special parameters in the smb.conf or so ?



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