[Samba] domain master

D. Rick Anderson ruger at acsnv.com
Wed Sep 3 05:51:10 GMT 2003


Two things:

1) Make sure that you've added root to samba:
       #smbpasswd -a root
    Then use root and the samba passwd (which can be different than your 
actual root password I might add)

2) Make sure that there is a machine account for that workstation:
       #useradd workstation$ (the dollar sign is important)
       #smbpasswd -a -m workstation  (this time you leave it off)
        If you dig around there's a way to automate this part, but I 
don't have it off the top of my head.

Then set the Windows 2000 box's machine name to workstation (or whatever 
you decide) and reboot BEFORE you atempt to join the domain. It main 
seem like it changes the machines name right then and there, but it 
doesn't. You have to reboot first.



Greg FItzgerald wrote:

>I am trying to setup samba is a master domain controller. I have setup
>my smb.conf according to the docs and tutorials found on google. Anytime
>i try to add my win2k computer to the domain it asks for a user/pass. So
>i tried to use my administrator user/pass that exists both on the unix
>box and the win2k box. Passwords are the same. When i try this i get the
>following error.
>"The used user is a computer account. Use your global or local user
>Anyone have ideas? Please cc gregf at bigtimegeeks.com in replies. Thanks
>in advance!

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