[Samba] Network path not found

Marc Adler marc at adlerpacific.com
Wed Sep 3 04:15:54 GMT 2003

I've searched up and down on Google and Google Groups for an answer to
this question, and I found that it's asked a lot, but I didn't find many
answers. My W2K box can find the Linux samba server but when I click on
it, it gives me "Network path could not be found." Some of the answers I
found said to include the subnet mask (, and I tried that
with Swat, but when I went to restart smbd and nmbd, the first succeeded
but the second remains "not running," whether I click "start" or
"restart." What's going on? Feel free to point to the appropriate place
in TFM/mailing list archive/website/faq. 

Marc Adler

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