[Samba] mac os 10.2.6 smb server

Philip Edelbrock phil at edgedesign.us
Tue Sep 2 22:09:31 GMT 2003

I think it already comes with a flavor of Samba 3.0x.  You just need to 
start it as a service.  The SMB client in OS-X is written by Apple and 
is in kernel space (hense the complete machine crashes when OS-X runs 
into a file sharing bug ;')

Also, see this site for some related info regarding MacOS 9, Windows, 
and OS-X file sharing happily together:



Raj Saxena wrote:

>Hey Guys,
>          Is it possible to install samba as a server under 10.2.6 under the
>mac os? i know it works as a client but if i want to make it a windows pdc?
>Any help or knowledge is appreciated.
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