[Samba] Accessing files on Interwoven TeamSite SMB share causing modification

Derek Lewis DLewis at cucbc.com
Tue Sep 2 22:02:44 GMT 2003

Samba: Version 2.2.3a-12 for Debian

We use the Interwoven TeamSite CMS software here, and in all our environments from development through production, access files on the SMB share provided by TeamSite.  Most of our development machines are Windows 2000/XP systems, but some are Linux, and all our other environments are purely Linux.  The Linux machines all mount the share with smbfs.

Under Linux, accessing (using cat, cp, etc) any files on share cause TeamSite to think the file has been modified.  TeamSite keeps a "production" version of all files in an area called "staging", and developers make changes in a "workarea".  A file has been "modified" if it is somehow different than the file in staging.  Somehow, when I cat (or cp, or anything that reads the file) a file in the mounted workarea, TeamSite thinks it has been modified.

Under Windows, files on the share can be read freely without TeamSite indicating that they have been modified.

I've tried mounting under Linux with the "noatime" option, but it has no effect.

Using the "get" command in smbclient does not mark the file as modified.

Any suggestions on how to make it not "modify" a file when reading via smbfs?

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