[Samba] FIXED: Strange messages while accessing UTF8 coded filenames

Joerg.Thomas.Vogt at Sun.COM Joerg.Thomas.Vogt at Sun.COM
Tue Sep 2 08:44:37 GMT 2003


the following changes to smb.conf fixed my problem:

- unix charset = ISO8859-1         (was UTF8)
- display charset = ISO8859-1      (was UTF8)

But shouldn't it work also with the charsets set to UTF8?

Cheers, Thomas

>On Mon, Sep 01, 2003 at 05:18:23PM +0200, Joerg.Thomas.Vogt at Sun.COM wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have  strange error messages in log.smbd while accessing a
>> Catia file through Samba:
>>  smbd/statcache.c:(122)
>>   OOPS - tried to store stat cache entry for werid length paths [TMP/HECKDECKEL] 14 and [tmp/HECK????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1.session] 73)!
>> (if the UTF8 character will be lost on mail transmission: it is a  
>> combination of +-)
>> Before and after that message there are a lot of 
>> lib/iconv.c:(515)
>>   short utf8 write
>> messages.
>> Could anyone give me a hint??
>Can you tell me how you reproduced this ? Especially
>what the character after the string "HECK" is ? Also
>what platform are you running on ?

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