[Samba] ¿can I create more sids?

hector_csnet at titania.csnet.es hector_csnet at titania.csnet.es
Tue Sep 2 08:33:05 GMT 2003

  I have configured my Samba to be a member of a previously existent PDC, that has 
the user accounts.

  I have created all the users with 'smbpasswd -a username', but my problem is with 
the users that already exist at the Linux server: 'user1' is an user that exists in 
the domain and in the Linux machine, but when I try to access to the linux server 
the first time, samba reports the next error:

  '[2003/09/02 09:41:40, 1] auth/auth_util.c:get_user_groups_from_local_sam(684)
  get_user_groups_from_local_sam: failed to convert gid 1013 to a sid'

  'user1' is member of multiple groups: 1000 is his primary group, and 1013 is 
another group, necessary for this account.

  ¿Any idea of how to create a valid sid for this GID? ¿Or how to solve these?

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