[Samba] Samba + winXP + share problem

Hegedus, Ervin airween at amit.hu
Tue Sep 2 07:51:26 GMT 2003

Hello list,

sorry for the question, may be i just read the doc too sloppyily,
but i cant find any solution... :(

i have a samba 2.2.5 on a RH8.0, and there are many w2k, and w98
clients. now, there is a new winXP client. the clients are _not_
in windows domain, just uses workgroup.

in smb.conf all share has these options:

directory mask = 0770
directory security mask = 0770

when a user creates a directory, another user see that, and can
use it.
but, if user creates a new directory from XP, that can uses just
that user, 'cause new directory has 0760 permission...

the question is:


thank you:

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