[Samba] Please provide a valid license key [T2003090204CB]

support-l1 at networkice.com support-l1 at networkice.com
Tue Sep 2 04:35:28 GMT 2003

Dear Customer,

We received your e-mail requesting support for our BlackIce  Defender product, however we did not receive your license key which we will need to provide Technical Support. To obtain your License key please do the following:

Version 2.9 and later:

-Click on the BlackICE icon in the task tray to bring up the BlackICE screen.
-Go to "Help" and then "About BlackICE".
-This will tell you your license key number and which version of BlackICE  you are running.

Version 1.9.25 and earlier:

-Click on the BlackIce tray icon to bring up the BlackICE screen
-In the very top left corner of the BlackICE screen you will see another BlackICE icon
-Click on this to pull down a small menu.
-Go to 'Help', then go to 'About BlackICE'
-This will give you both, your license key and the version number of BlackICE.

You may also want to check http://www.networkice.com/support/defender_support.html for further support information.

If BlackICE is not yet installed you can get the license key from your receipt page that you received at the end of your purchase transaction.  If you have lost your license key or didn't receive this page, please contact the e-commerce provider that you purchased BlackICE from.  Digital River can be contacted at  (800)  656-5426 or (612)  252-8400 or E-Mail them at service at digitalriver.com.  They handle all issues related to purchasing and downloading.
If you have haven't yet purchased BlackICE and have questions regarding this product please include the word "QUESTION" in the subject line of a new E-Mail message and a Technical Support Agent will respond to your questions.

Thank you
Technical Support
NetworkICE Corp.
support at networkice.com

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