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Mon Sep 1 18:29:06 GMT 2003

Updated July 29, 2003 (Part 2)
As of July 16th, 2003, we began returning all mails and packages sent to us.

For those who mailed us money orders, you should be getting your money orders back in your mailbox if we receive your mail after the 18th.  Note that it is not when you send your money order, but rather when we receive it.  If your order status indicates that the order is "Cancelled", then that means we did not receive your money order.
For those who use Bidpay as payment and your order status indicates that the order is Cancelled, please file a claim with Bidpay asking them to cancel the money order transaction as we did not receive your Bidpay payment.
For those who returned packages to our RMA/Return Department, your package should be returned back to you.

Once again, if your order status indicates that your order is Cancelled, it means that we never processed your order. You will not be charged for the order and neither will you be sent the merchandise.
Updated July 29, 2003
If you have already filed a claim with your credit card company, eBay Buyer Protection or SquareTrade Buyer Protection and recovered your loss, please send an email to cust at ezbpc.com so your name can remove from the creditors list.

Updated July 28, 2003
Effective July 18, 2003, the Law Office Michael Y. Lo represents ezbpc.com to give advice and prepare the filing of a voluntary petition under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  Once filed, Bankruptcy court will notify all creditors of the filing.
If you are one of the creditors, you should receive our notification by email. To verify your order status, click the URL Link below

If you believe you are a creditor of ezbpc.com and did not receive a notification email, please email us at cust at ezbpc.com along with your order number, full name, address, and amount of the order.

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