[Samba] Changing registry in workstations.

Bruno Gimenes Pereti pereti at ump.edu.br
Mon Sep 1 15:15:15 GMT 2003


I´m running a test samba-3rc2 in RedHat 9 with LDAP passdb backend. I got
UserManager and police to work, I have 1 mandatory profile to all users that
is erased from the workstation when users log off (done with poledit). My
problem is that I want to deny write access to the desktop, My Documents,
and every thing that is in the profile; and I want to redirect the folder My
Documents to a directory in the server (that can be done in W2K). I didn´t
find a way to do that with poledit. I know it can be done editing the
registry in the workstation but I have more than 200 workstations and I´d
like to do it just once and apply it to all machines. Is there any tool to
do that or is it possible?


Bruno Pereti.

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