[Samba] Re: Samba PDC + WinXP = problems fetching remote profiles

Dendik N.F. dendik at pochta.ru
Mon Sep 1 13:34:19 GMT 2003


Finally!!! I got it working!!!
The only thing i did was to replace
server's builtin 3Com Gigabit network
card with SMC1255(100Mb. I tried to force
settings of 3Com -- to half duplex mode,
or to other speed -- but it did not let me
exceed autodetection, and autodetection
was half duplex/100Mb. I still can not
figure out, why such low-level hardware
replacement cured such high-level software
problems -- but this makes no matter for
me right now, since it works, and it works

Special thanks to Dragan Krnic, who was
almost the only one trying to help me on
this list.


PS. I confirm: recent WinXP's do not require
either RequireSignOrSeal, or mmc, or WebClient
service, or EAP patches. (Though some of these
patches -- e.g. group policies in mmc and one
of registry patches, which Dragan sent me --
are useful for making things smoother)

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