[Samba] Limiting number of user login

rruegner robowarp at gmx.de
Mon Sep 1 12:33:54 GMT 2003

i think you have to include
a machine based smb.conf  see man file for include (here you do a valid
share only for the related computer)
for only connecting one time the root prexec parameter in this share has to
start a perl script
which changes permissions to that share once this  special user has lost the
connect for the first time.
I am no very firm in Perl but with a variant from genlogin.pl (included in
the examples of samba) this should be possible.
But try to ask further people on the list
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Subject: [Samba] Limiting number of user login

> hello list,
> i would like to make with a samba (version just the same) the
> user could access to a share just ONE time. i mean, one user can
> access to a share just from one machine.
> is it possible?
> thanks:
> airween
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