[Samba] Is wins.dat supposed to list all LMB, or just the DMB?

David Wuertele dave-gnus at bfnet.com
Thu Oct 16 21:56:29 GMT 2003

My network looks like this:

router  ----+----+----+----- internal
            |    |    |      router  ----+-----+------+-
   LNB--->mswin  |    |     (also a      |     |      |
          client |    |      samba       |     |      ....
                 |    |      server)     |     |
              samba   |                  |   samba
      LNB---->linux  samba               |   linux
              WINS   linux             mswin

I wanted to know which boxes were the LMBs and the DMB, so I looked
into the wins.dat on the WINS server.  But in wins.dat, I only see one
line that has MSBROWSE in it:

     "^A^B__MSBROWSE__^B#01" 1066639333 e4R

Is this supposed to be the DMB?  Why the address?  I
would expect there to be a host address there.

Why aren't the LMBs listed in this file?  The actual LMBs can be found
by running nmblookup on the two subnets:

  # nmblookup -M -B -
  querying ^A^B__MSBROWSE__^B on ^A^B__MSBROWSE__^B<01> ^A^B__MSBROWSE__^B<01>
  # nmblookup -M -B -
  querying ^A^B__MSBROWSE__^B on ^A^B__MSBROWSE__^B<01>

Shouldn't these be registered by the WINS server?  How can the LNBs
get each others' lists if they can't look up the DMB on the WINS
server?  How can the DMB find the LMBs if it is not listed on the WINS

In fact, the LNBs are NOT getting each others' lists:

  # smbclient -N -L | grep ABCDMEDIA
          ABCDMEDIA            Kickin' Media Repository!
          NOGROUP              ABCDMEDIA
  # smbclient -N -L | grep ABCDMEDIA

As you can see, the LNB on the .5.0/24 network knows about ABCDMEDIA,
but the LNB on the .0.0/24 network does not.  Obviously something is
not configured right.  Any suggestions?


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