[Samba] Migrating /etc/shadow passwords to LDAP

Dani Pardo dani at enpl.es
Thu Oct 16 13:35:43 GMT 2003

On Thu, 16 Oct 2003, Gémes Géza wrote:

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> Dani Pardo írta:
> | 	Hi!. Since now, I was using a Workgroup with samba 2.2, and samba
> | was using  /etc/passwd for user accounts (plain text passwords). Now I'm
> | migrating to  LDAP, and I'm looking for a way to migrate the passwords
> | without every user typing the password again..
> |     It seems that idealix's scripts (smbldap-migrate-accounts.pl) will
> | migrate from a previous NT based PDC.. but it's not my case.
> |     Any suggestion? Thanks!
> |
> There are the openldap-migration scripts from www.padl.com, they should
> do the trick.

  Yep, they do the trick of exporting the posixAccount, the user, se

 Then there are some scripts in samba/scripts (exact
> location may differ) with which you could migrate your smbpasswd file.
> I did it with this tools.

  When I have the (normal) user in LDAP, i must run pdbedit -a or
smbpasswd -a  <user> in order to add the needed samba attributes of the
ldap samba.schema. Ok, but smbpassword or pbedit ask me to enter the
password, and I don't know the passord of my users, so I was wondering if
there is any tool to export them.. but I think it's impossible, I'll have
to ask all my users to go and type-in their password.

Dani Pardo, dani at enplater.com
Enplater S.A

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