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But there's no way for it to filter the data server-side, so my server account still fills up, I still have to deal with the large transfers for each mail, etc. That's not a solution, it's barely a fix.


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Here is the issue, and why the Samba list is basically unable to do

If you send a message to the Samba list, it gets resent to everyone on
the list. This message will contain a FROM: line, showing an email address.

There are people on this list who have virus ridden machines. They get
your message, and the virus reads the FROM: line, and sends off a virus
to you.

The virus goes directly to you; not through the Samba list. The only
solution is to completely destroy the FROM and REPLY lines in all your
emails; an ugly solution.

If you really don't like the virus spam, may I recommend www.mozilla.com
? It's mail filtering works great for me, and all my little virus splats
go right into the junk folder.

If you really really insist on using Microsoft software and don't want
to ever see a virus spam, then post to the group from a one-time hotmail
account, and read the replies in the list archives.
(http://lists.samba.org) Note that the list archive very rarely has any
of this virus spam in it.

The only other solution is to LART every clueless user out there; but
this is unlikely to work: sysadmins have been trying for 20 years with
no results.

- -Tom

beers at xs4all.nl wrote:
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|>>From: Ray Simard [mailto:ray.simard at sylvan-glade.com]
|>>The most effective step to reduce this is to restrict posting to
|>>subscribed list members.
| This will stop spammers sending to list, but also will hurt people
| incidently asking questions, without being subscribed. Depending on
| policy. The occasional spam arriving via the list is neligable as compared
| to my daily dose of 300+ spams. It will hurt people using the archive as a
| means to see replies w/o being subscribed. Hurt much, effect little.
|>I've never seen a virus arrive *through* the list.  I think what people
|>complaining about is viruses being sent to them directly.
| yeah, the complaint is: when subscribing to SAMBA, the email adres used
| will get spam and virusses at once. Quite possibly by the publication of
| the list onto usenet with the real adres still visible. The spam is
| understandeble, the virusses also, since the introduction of spamming
| virusses.
| The resolution could be to block the email addy from the senders to the
| list, when forwarding, but this would hamper ligitimate usage, such as
| replying to sender. (perhaps the follow up discussion isnt SAMBA related)
| This is of course totally upto the VOLUNTEERS running this list, if you do
| not like it, feel free to start a SAMBASTOPSPAM list orso.
| Threatening to sue VOLUNTEERS over such a silly thing will get you the
| mocking of every Dutchmen I know, and leads me to believe the complainer
| was pissed, and should get sober, or the complainer is an American Layer.
| I hope the former, I think the latter. Or he plays one on the internet
| anyways.
| If the complainer was to post onto usenet, and subsequently would get a
| spammie, who would he then sue? Al Gore?
| Last but not least, can everybody on this list please reply to this spam
| discussion, my mailbox isnt yet full, and this list is like, low on
| traffic.
| Richard van Beers
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