[Samba] RE: SPAM

Bernhard Lukas bernhard.lukas at pericom.at
Wed Oct 15 06:54:18 GMT 2003

Now that I also get about 150-200(!) Messages of 156KB Mails each day
about half an hour(!) after my first posting to this list for the first
time in my life I must admit that there IS something terribly wrong.

Fact is that I subscribed to the list half a year ago. I also subscribed
to OpenLDAP-, Courier-, and other mailing lists. I posted to these lists
and I posted many times in the usenet some years ago.

I agree that it is not the FAULT of the Samba team who runs this list,
but the CAUSE of this behaviour may be due to the fact that the address
of a subscriber is presented to the usenet (it is very likely).

Maybe the exposure of an E-Mail link on the world wide web is also a
potential cause for getting SPAM. The following script elegantly solves
this issue, for example:

<script language="JavaScript">
var prefix = "foo";
document.write("<a title=\"Send E-Mail\" href=\"mailto:" + prefix +
document.write(prefix + "[AT]bar.com</a>");

Think. ;)

Best regards, Bernhard Lukas

Pericom Communication Consulting GmbH
1060 Wien, Mariahilfer Strasse 47/5/5
Tel. 01 585 64 90 - 63
Fax. 01 585 64 90 - 33
Web. www.pericom.at

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