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Jared Rypka-Hauer jrypkahauer at web-relevant.com
Tue Oct 14 21:13:01 GMT 2003

Just to further confirm the idea that this mailing list is associated
with the current surge in receipts of the SWEN virus, I signed up for
this list when I upgraded to Samba 2.2.3 on Oct 1. An hour later I began
receiving mass quantities of SWEN-infected emails.

TO date I've received 860 from the list, and 800 SWEN emails. Norton AV
is catching them, I haven't become infected (and at this point I'm using
Outlook XP on Windows 2000 but planning to switch soon.) However, I was
most certainly NOT receiving ANY SWEN emails until I joined this list.

I got 10 SWEN emails yesterday, 5 on the 12th, 92 on the 10th, with my
highest count for a single day being something close to 140. More than
just annoying, it made my main email addy for my company nearly useless
until I configured a rule to move them to a separate folder... but even
at that it costs me download time. I've been keeping them (Norton is
configured to silently delete the payload) so I could keep track of the
numbers of them per day.

I don't mind the messages being gated to Usenet... seems to me that
would be a valuable extension of the resources this list provides.
HOWEVER, I do think the list owners need to recognize that this list IS
proving to be a source of addresses for virus spammers. Objectively, I'm
guessing that in the current political climate a case could be made for
the idea that, having been notified their list is being targeted and
should they do nothing to prevent further abuse, they could be partly
liable for any damage occurring.

Stripping emails of addresses or at LEAST putting up a warning on the
signup page and providing an option to not have your email address
listed to the world (not sure if that's there already or not) would do
something for future subscribers to stem the raging tide of crap that's
been streaming into my mailbox for the last 2 weeks...

Just my 2 cents.


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> On Tuesday 14 October 2003 16:10, Jim Morris wrote:
> > I vote to kill the mailing list -> Usenet gateway, if that is what
> > causing these virus email attacks on subscribers.  If I wanted to
> > Usenet, I would go read comp.os.protocols.smb or whatever, directly!
> I disagree. A Usenet search via Google Groups (used to be Deja News)
> undoubtedly my most used and most useful troubleshooting and reference
> tool.
> In one step I can search for needed information without the need to
> the
> name of the group that may contain the answer or answers. To remove
> Samba
> list from such a search would, IMO, be a gross error.
> It may not be ideal but today I have taken the steps outlined in my
> Although I have little doubt I will eventually need to change my email
> address as well.
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