[Samba] RE: SPAM

Jim Morris Jim at Morris-World.com
Tue Oct 14 20:10:31 GMT 2003

On Tuesday, October 14, 2003, at 02:39  PM, David Brodbeck wrote:

> I suspect the main culprit is the USENET gateway.  Any post to USENET 
> with a
> valid email address seems to immediately attract lots of virus traffic.
> Maybe it's time to eliminate the USENET gateway.  If USENET wasn't dead
> before, it effectively is now, since posting to it results in an almost
> immediate mailbox DoS.

I agree.  Usenet these days is the domain of spammers and Warez 

Ten years ago I used to spend hours a day on Linux and Samba 
(comp.os.protocols.smb) newsgroups, reading and replying to messages.  
That was back when there were maybe a couple of thousand newsgroups 
total.  As the web grew, my use of Usenet has decreased, and I have not 
actively bothered to even setup a newsgroup reader in a couple of 
years.  If I cannot find it in mailing list archives or a google 
search, I am usually not going to waste time in Usenet - with 30,000 or 
more groups on most Usenet servers today!

I vote to kill the mailing list -> Usenet gateway, if that is what is 
causing these virus email attacks on subscribers.  If I wanted to use 
Usenet, I would go read comp.os.protocols.smb or whatever, directly!
Jim Morris    (Jim at Morris-World.com)

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