[Samba] Printing Issues with NT type Clients.

Robert Robertedstrom at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 14 17:20:00 GMT 2003

Hi.  To begin with, I have a freshly built RedHat Linux 8.0 box running samba 2.2.8a.  The kernel version is 2.4.18-14.  I downloaded and compiled samba from source.  I am using LPRng-3.8.9-6 as my printing system.  The attached printer is a Lexmark Z22 printer and it is attached to the parralel port.

For the life of me, I can't get NT type clients, NT4, 2K and XP to print to samba.  My smb.conf file is as follows:


 workgroup = Popstar
 netbios name = Paint-Roller
 server string = Print Server (Samba %v)
 interfaces = eth0
 bind interfaces only = Yes
 encrypt passwords = Yes
 min passwd length = 0
 null passwords = Yes
 log level = 10
 log file = /etc/samba/logs/smblog-%m.txt
 announce version = 4.0
 name resolve order = wins bcast
 time server = Yes
 deadtime = 45
 wins server =
 hosts allow =
 username map = /etc/samba/usernames.cfg

 preferred master = Yes
 domain master = Yes
 local master = Yes

 printing = lprng
 print command = lpr -U%u -P%p -r %s
 lpq command = lpq -U%u -P%p
 lprm command = lprm -U%u -P%p %j
 lppause command = lpc -U%u hold  %p %j
 lpresume command = lpc -U%u release%p %j
 queuepause command = lpq -U%u stop %p
 queueresume command = lpq -U%u start %p

 path = /tmp
 hosts allow =
 hosts deny =
 comment = "Lexmark Z22 Color JetPrinter"
 use client driver = yes
 path = /etc/samba/printers/Lexmark
 printable = Yes


Windows 9x clients can print flawlessly to the server.  It's just a problem with NT type clients.  I added the "use client driver = yes" because it resolved the issue with the "access denied" error.  The printer shows up as ready, but refuses to print anything I send to it.  Printing a windows test page results in: "Test page failed to print.  Would you like to view the print trouble shooter for assistance?  Operation could not be completed."  The spool directory's permissions look like:
"drwxrwxrwt    2 root     root         4096 Oct 14 00:17 Lexmark"

I have shell access to the server as the user kirby and can print by using the lpr command and I can also write and delete files in the printer's spool directory /etc/samba/printers/Lexmark.  I've been playing around with this for quite some time with no success.

For troubleshooting, from a windows box, I can do "copy c:\boot.ini \\Paint-Roller\Lexmark", and the file prints.  I can "smbclient //Paint-Roller/Lexmark -U kirby" and put a text file in the directory and it would print.  However, printing natively from the OS does not work.  Before I rebuilt the box this last time my print command was "print command = lpr -U%u -P%p %s".  If I tried to print, I would get the same unable to print error, but there would be a 0 byte file in the samba spool directory /etc/samba/printers/Lexmark named similar to "smbprn.000005.rjyCwC".  Files from the 9x clients were similarly named and would have a size greater than 0.  The NT clients can see the jobs that the 9x clients put in the queue.

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?  Printing is a big issue here as we would like to migrate out NT print servers to samba.  File services have been transferred already.

I will include log files in another message because they are fairly big.

Thanks in advance.

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