[Samba] Automount, NIS, and Samba

Mike Ely samba at phoenix.k12.or.us
Tue Oct 14 16:42:54 GMT 2003

I'm needing a strategy to accomplish the following:

We have AD, with Server for NIS working on the DC.  I've got NIS
successfully working for login - or at least the client starts to login and
then complains about a lack of home dir, which is fine for now.

Each AD user has a directory on a fileserver, and I'd like these to be
automounted as the home directory.  The share path to a user's directory
looks more or less like //server/share/gerry.

So far, I can think of a couple of strategies for this - one is to mount the
share at bootup under some special credential that I create, and then map
the home directory at each authentication, but somehow I find that fraught
with risk.

What I'd rather do is use autofs to mount //server/share/gerry at login time
using that user's credentials.  After two days, I haven't found any good
documentation on how to do this.  Can someone point me in the right
direction, and are there any gotchas to this approach that I should be aware

Mike Ely

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