[Samba] Re: Help,mix environment browsing

Larry Liu larry.liu at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 14 16:03:07 GMT 2003

Thanks, John, for the quick reply.

My test environment is like you recommended, only one WINS running on 
Samba 3.0.0.  The interesting part is: on the server subnet, we can see 
all the win32 and samba clients from other subnets which have at least 
one samba client on each,  but can not see any subnets that have win32 
clients only.  However, if I go down all those subnets, I can see all 
the win32 and samba clients that are using this only WINS.   Any idea ?

John H Terpstra wrote:

>On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, Larry Liu wrote:
>>The How-To writes :  "nmbd can be configured as a WINS server, but it is
>>not necessary to specifically use Samba as your WINS server. MS Windows
>>NT4, Server or Advanced Server 200x can be configured as your WINS
>>server. In a mixed NT/200x server and Samba environment on a Wide Area
>>Network, it is recommended that you use the Microsoft WINS server
>>capabilities. In a Samba-only environment, it is recommended that you
>>use one and only one Samba server as the WINS server." in chapter 10.
>>We found that each of our subnets has to have at least one Samba client
>>pointing to the same Samba WINS server, if we have to make enterprise
>>WINS(running on Samba 3.0.0) working, in a mixed environment as
>>described above,  even though all the Win9x,Winnt, Win2k, & XP clients
>>point to the same Samba WINS server.
>>Has anyone had the similar experience? Or, any work-around instead of
>>using MS WINS server(s)?
>You should be able to run with just one Samba WINS server for your whole
>network. All clients (Samba as well as Windows) must be configured to use
>that same WINS server.
>The reason for the recommendation is that MS Windows based WINS servers
>typically use WINS-WINS replication protocols that Samba does not support.
>- John T.

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