[Samba] RE: SPAM

J. Frisbie frisbie at MIT.EDU
Tue Oct 14 16:02:54 GMT 2003

> It is also not a security bug.

It is, however, a security issue. You have some unscrupulous list
subscriber who bombards addresses that appear on the list with viruses.
In addition to the viruses themselves, the volume of the traffic 
constitues a denial of service attack. Finally, the attacker has list
of samba users, naive/beginner users to boot, which provides a convenenient
set of machines/domains to attack when security holes are found in samba
> > Perhaps you could run your email lists more responsibly in 
> > the future.
> That tone is not helpful. 

This is the first time in twenty years on the internet that I've had
to abandon an email address. Actually two because I was foolish enough
to send the complaint from a second address.

> What would you like us to do differently?

Do not send messages to the list with machine parseable return addresess.
Make the reply to address the mailing list, not the person who sent the
message. Vet your subscriber list. Allow only subscribers to post to the

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