[Samba] Samba2 and Samba3 mixed environment

buc buc at odusz.elektra.ru
Tue Oct 14 15:26:23 GMT 2003

  My expiriences show that when you what to join a Samba2 machine to 
Samba3 PDC,
and your charsets are not default, you MUST use "unix charset = UTF8" on 
the Samba3 PDC .
  When I use, for example, "unix charset = KOI8-R" , then Samba2 machine 
that join (or re-join) is successful, but really such a join is corrupt.
  If I try to join Samba3 to Samba3, all works fine (both KOI8-R and UTF8).

  Assume, it is useful report for non-default locale users...


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