[OT][Samba] SPAM

tvsjr tvsjr at sprynet.com
Tue Oct 14 15:08:44 GMT 2003

 >This could stop almost everything, anyway , the mail list admins can't
 >do anything, beacuse it isn't related to the server security/filtering

Sure they could. If the members' email addresses were only available to the 
members (rather than being available via Usenet/Google News, public 
archives, etc.) we wouldn't become spam targets. I agree the list archives 
need to be public, but it wouldn't be very hard to either convert the email 
addresses to an image with a random background (much the same as what's 
being used for verification these days on many sites) or to not show them 
at all.

This being portrayed as the user's fault is bullshit. Having to install 
software on your server because of a mailing list is *not* an acceptable 
answer. And, of course, not all of us run our own mail servers, so we don't 
have the option of installing filtering server-side (Earthlink's 
spam-killer offering is too restrictive and has given false positives for me.)

 >And stop using Outlook, get a decent(secure) email client.

I totally agree... but, even with a decent email client, dialup users will 
still have to wait 10-15 seconds per infected email for the download to 

The system is broken, and needs to be fixed. This is *not* an end-user 


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