[Samba] Re: read-only problem in 3.0.0

Michael Kunze michael.kunze at gmx.de
Tue Oct 14 14:39:53 GMT 2003

Greg Louis wrote:
> open files in the share with Excel, for example, or Access or AutoCad,
> a dialogue is displayed to the effect that the file can't be found. 
> Users with write access don't have this problem.  AFAIK the apps aren't
> trying to write into the files.

They don't write to that file, thats right. But applications like Excel
and Word create a temporary file in the same location as the original
file. Just try to open a Word document on your local harddrive and while
word is running check the content of that folder.
If the temp file can't be written the operation fails - for obvious reasons.

I know it didn't help much... :)


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