[OT][Samba] SPAM

tvsjr tvsjr at sprynet.com
Tue Oct 14 12:56:18 GMT 2003

 >Yes, too many fair subscribers of this list still use popular inherently
 >mailreaders. I'm afraid, Samba team can do nothing with it.

The security of the mailreader has nothing to do with it. I run Eudora, and 
my corporate installation of Norton AntiVirus catches every one of the 
incoming Swen mails. However, I'm up to over 200 Swen mails a day, at 
55KB/ea., amounting to 11MB of transfer over my 144Kbps symmetrical IDSL 
line. That's ~11 minutes of additional download time to fetch all of my 
mail at the end of a long day, not to mention that it fills up my Sprynet 
account's mailbox.

Helpful suggestions (although its too late for those of us already subscribed):
Quit forwarding the list onto Usenet, at least with email addresses exposed 
(what's the real use of this, considering it's not that big of a deal for 
people to subscribe?)
Protect emails anywhere the list is archived/posted

I don't have this problem with other lists (this account is subscribed to 
at least 20), so there's no reason why we should have these problems here, 


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