[Samba] Settings needed to make Samba work across subnets...Please help

Siavush Randjbar-Daemi siavush at spin.it
Tue Oct 14 12:45:17 GMT 2003

Hi all ,
         I will have a Samba server soon running in PDC mode from within 
the 172.16.56.* subnet. I want to make sure that clients on other 172.16 
subnets, such as 172.16.5.* or 172.16.10.* will be able to access the 
PDC and hence be able to log on to the domain serviced by the PDC itself.
remote annonce=,  in smb.conf
be enough or do I really need to configure a local master browser for 
each subnet? I would like to avoid this if possible and keep it to the 
PDC only.
Many thanks for any help !

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