[Samba] Machine accounts

Dani Pardo dani at enplater.com
Tue Oct 14 09:03:12 GMT 2003

  Hi, I'm trying to configure a Samba 3.0 as a PDC. I've problems with
users on Win2k, probably because of machine accounts. I'm using tdbsam
(when it works, I'll try ldapsam). I can add users with
pdbedit -a, if users are in /etc/passwd. If an user is not in /etc/passwd,
I can't add it with pdbedit or smbpasswd (why?).
  I've added user root with pdbedit also. But users can't log in to the
domain using the root account (says password incorrect).

  I can't add machines no matter how I try:

  [root at t1 bin]# grep pirineus /etc/passwd
  [root at t1 bin]# ./pdbedit -a -m pirineus
  tdb_update_sam: SAM_ACCOUNT (pirineus$) with no RID!
  Unable to add machine! (does it already exist?)

 Can someone clarify how do I add machine accounts and user accounts? Do
they have to exist already in /etc/passwd?


Dani Pardo, dani at enplater.com
Enplater S.A

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