[Samba] This is frustrating! Need some Help

Mark lists at greplinux.dyndns.org
Tue Oct 14 09:06:55 GMT 2003

| This line:
| valid users = @wheel matt
| Should read
| valid users = @wheel, matt

Doesn't matter.  smbd will accept whitespace or commas
as delimiters in this context.

cheers, jerry

Thanks for the correction...I was always under the (now
mistaken)impression that Samba used the , to separate the names or

In Samba 2.2.x smb.conf.5.html it shows for valid users:
Example: valid users = greg, @pcusers

After looking at this further today I noticed that the invalid users
example uses whitespace
Example: invalid users = root fred admin @wheel 

Lesson learned....always thoroughly read the manual!


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