[Samba] Building on AIX 5.1, 5.2

Bob Plankers plankers at doit.wisc.edu
Tue Oct 14 02:31:57 GMT 2003

Hello all,

Has anyone built Samba 3.0.0 (or the 3.0.1pre1 release) on AIX 5.1 or 5.2
using the IBM VisualAge C/C++ 6.0 compilers? I am consistently seeing the

"lib/system.c", line 1325.25: 1506-045 (S) Undeclared identifier ATTR_MAX_VALUELEN.
"lib/system.c", line 1325.25: 1506-195 (S) Integral constant expression with a value greater than zero is required.
"lib/system.c", line 1330.9: 1506-045 (S) Undeclared identifier attrlist_cursor_t.
"lib/system.c", line 1330.28: 1506-045 (S) Undeclared identifier cursor.
"lib/system.c", line 1330.35: 1506-277 (S) Syntax error: possible missing ';' or ','?
"lib/system.c", line 1332.9: 1506-045 (S) Undeclared identifier attrlist_t.
"lib/system.c", line 1332.22: 1506-045 (S) Undeclared identifier al.
"lib/system.c", line 1332.25: 1506-277 (S) Syntax error: possible missing ';' or ','?
"lib/system.c", line 1333.9: 1506-045 (S) Undeclared identifier attrlist_ent_t.
"lib/system.c", line 1333.25: 1506-045 (S) Undeclared identifier ae.
"lib/system.c", line 1361.22: 1506-045 (S) Undeclared identifier ATTR_ROOT.
"lib/system.c", line 1409.52: 1506-045 (S) Undeclared identifier ATTR_DONTFOLLOW.

I set up the build with:

env CC=cc_r CXX=xlC_r ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/samba

It seems that ATTR_MAX_VALUELEN is defined on some systems in
sys/attributes.h. It doesn't appear that AIX has sys/attributes.h, and I
cannot find any headers containing ATTR_MAX_VALUELEN. If I comment out
line 86 of config.h ("#define HAVE_ATTR_LIST 1") I can build the software

My config.log shows that sys/attributes.h is not found, and
ac_cv_header_sys_attributes_h=no. The same section of tests appears to
test for sys/acl.h, attr/xattr.h, sys/cdefs.h, and glob.h. AIX does not
appear to have attr/xattr.h either, but it smells like HAVE_ATTR_LIST is
being set to 1 either way. I'm pretty much an autoconf newbie so I'm not
going to attempt to generate a patch for this, but I can test a fix or
provide an AIX box for a developer...

So, um, am I smoking too much crack & missing something here, am I on to
something, or does someone else have an idea?


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