[Samba] Incorrect re-join from Samba2 to Samba3 PDC

buc buc at odusz.elektra.ru
Mon Oct 13 15:03:02 GMT 2003

  I had:
    Samba2 PDC
    Samba2 fileserver, joined to this PDC
  Both RedHat-7.3, samba-2.2.7
  I have upgraded my PDC to samba-3.0.0. All worked well while I have 
not tried to re-join again.
"smbpasswd -j DOMAIN ..." reports success, but all looks like new 
machine trust password
is invalid. (Further "smbpasswd -t DOMAIN" failed, users can`t access 
fileserver, etc)
  When I restore samba-2.2.7 PDC back , and do "smbpasswd -J DOMAIN 
....." on fileserver again,
all works fine.

  How can I join Samba2 server to new Samba3 PDC ?


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