[Samba] winbindd: krb5_cc_get_principal failed

Gavin Davenport gavdav at gavdav.demon.co.uk
Mon Oct 13 14:14:28 GMT 2003

It sounds like :

make sure you've 'left' the domain (net ads leave)

kinit as the domain admin user.
klist should list you one ticket.

Then "net join ads" (no parameters)

this should use the (cached) Domain Administrator ticket to handle smb

you should now have 3 tickets listed in klist.

Any help ?

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I'm using Fedora Test 2 and Samba 3.0.0-15 packages from Redhat/Fedora
with a Windows 2003 Server. I'm also using MIT Kerberos 1.3.1.

Everytime winbindd ist started, it writes following error into

[2003/10/13 10:13:40, 1] nsswitch/winbindd.c:main(832)
  winbindd version 3.0.0-15 started.
  Copyright The Samba Team 2000-2003
[2003/10/13 10:13:41, 1] nsswitch/winbindd_util.c:add_trusted_domain(149)
  Added domain SAMBA30 SAMBA30.TEST
[2003/10/13 10:13:41, 1] libsmb/clikrb5.c:ads_krb5_mk_req(269)
  krb5_cc_get_principal failed (No credentials cache found)
[2003/10/13 10:13:42, 1] nsswitch/winbindd_util.c:add_trusted_domains(206)
  scanning trusted domain list

How can I get rid of this libsmb/clikrb5.c:ads_krb5_mk_req(269) error?

Cheers, Axel.

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