[Samba] Uploading Printer Driver Files

Steven Law S.Law at ed.ac.uk
Mon Oct 13 13:48:22 GMT 2003


I'm close to succeeding in uploading new drivers but it just won't
work. I'm running v2.2.1a on a sun box and w2k on the client.

- In my conf file, I've defined a print$ share, an entry in printcap
  and put in a definition of the printer.
- I've also added my own user name to the printer admin list
- I've created the directory that print$ points to, created W32X86
  directory and made the dirs all 777 for the time being.
- Logging in as myself (local and domain admin rights) I make a
  mapping to \\server\print$, goto the printers folder on my samba 
  server, right click and choose properties.
- I then choose New Driver and point it at the directory containing
  the latest driver files I just downloaded from HP.

It all looks good until I get to the Finish screen where I guess it is
about to upload the drivers and then it gives me the error message
"Unable to install driver. operation could not be completed".

Inside the print$/W32X86 directory is a new subdirectory called
__SKIP_0312 and in the log file there is the error message

clientname (ip_address) couldn't find service

I checked that I can write to the print$ share and have also repeated
the process while logged in as samba root.

I've also tried it after having installed the drivers locally first by
using Connect.

Hopefully I've missed something obvious here ??????

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